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An id badge is only as good as the card it is printed on. Choose between simple and effective PVC cards, proximity cards, adhesive cards and more. When selecting the perfect card, think about the purpose it will serve and the conditions it will be used in. Using a badge holder can greatly increase the lifespan of your id badge

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With the ID Maker brand, you can be confident you are receiving a top-of-the-line badge maker. These machines are known for their cutting-edge features, reliable volume printing, and unparalleled customer support. Still, trying to figure out if ID Maker is the right brand for you? Browse all our ID Card Printers and use our custom Printer Finder tool to make sure your machine has all the features you need.


How do I know which ID Maker machine I should choose?
The best way to know what ID Maker Printer you need, is to answer some key questions. You can use our helpful printer finder tool or looking through the options after answering the following:

  • How many cards you will print per year?
  • Do you need single or dual-sided cards?
  • Do you want holographic overlays?
  • Do you need Ethernet or Wifi connectivity?
  • Will you be encoding magnetic stripe cards?

We also recommend calling and talking with our ID specialists. They will help you answer these questions and create a personalized quote around you and your needs.

After purchase, how will I learn how to use my new ID Maker?
When you purchase your ID Maker, you will receive an email with all the resources you should need to get started. This includes any access keys and tutorial videos you need. On top of that, our customer success team and tech team are a recourse for you.

Do these ID Printers have technical support if I run into issues?
We offer free and full lifetime support to ID Maker customers. This means any time you have an issue or question you can email or call. We also have an in-house tech team certified to fix any issues with your software or printer. We also offer plenty of self-help resources such as set-up video tutorials, software how-to videos and blog tips and tricks.

What software do I need for ID Maker Systems and how much does it cost?
When you buy a complete one-box ID Maker system, the ID Maker software comes with it. There are some differences in the three levels of ID Maker software and you can upgrade at any point. The software details can be found on any ID Maker system page or our ID Maker Software page.

Do these ID Maker printers come with a warranty?
Yes! ID Maker systems come with a standard 2-4 year warranty as well and free and full lifetime support when you have questions or need help with the product.