ID Maker Software

The most robust yet easy-to-use software for designing,
printing and encoding ID cards in the industry.
• Advanced security features
• Industry leading user experience
• Customizable data collection
• Enhanced print quality
• Lifetime Software Support - No other software offers that!

Essential provides you with a simplified interface, barcode and magnetic-strip encoding and more.


Pro provides all the tools of Essential
while adding enhanced features like a streamlined interface, user-accounts, custom display settings and more.


Enterprise provides all the tools of Pro while adding superior features like smartcard-encoding, custom reporting, ODBC integration and more.

See it in Action!

This ID Maker 3.0 demo will show you just how easy it is to create
a professional looking ID with any collection of features and designs
you could want.
Highly Secure

Design your ID badges with advanced security features such as
custom holographic overlays, personalized door access and
encrypted smartcard encoding.

ID Maker 3.0 comes with raw data files and pre-designed reports
summarizing badge usage and trends. You can even create custom
reports with the collected data.
Database Integration

3.0 is compatible with popular networking and database systems
allowing the transfer of data from one system to another. Use this for reporting and uploading photos.
Data Entry

Easily create ID cards in bulk by importing your employee or student data
file into your card template and let ID Make 3.0 generate the personalized
ID cards.

Adjust image brightness, color, dimensions and more so that any photo
will print professionally. ID Maker 3.0 supports JPG, BMP, TIF, PNG, PCD &
GIF file types.
Smart Card Encoding

Create ID cards that securely hold up 100 times the information as
magnetic strips. This encrypted card is perfect for securing sensitive
business and personal data.

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