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Our suite of ID card printers are proven to provide professional looking prints. Shop major brands like ID Maker, Magicard, Evolis, Fargo, Zebra and more.

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  1. Know Your Needs

    Choosing the right ID Card Printer may sound complicated but with IDville, we make it easy.

    Ask yourself four simple questions...
    1. How many cards do I need to print per year?
    2. Will the badges be single sided or dual sided?
    3. What security or data storage features do I want?
    4. Is a printer all I need?
    If you are still unsure as to what printer best fits your needs, feel free to live chat or call an ID Specialist. They will be able to walk you through finding the best solution for your needs.

  2. Know who you are buying from

    Let's be honest. All companies sell ID Printers that have the same features and similar print quality. The difference is what you're getting with the physical product, for example, customer service and technical support. Lifetime printer technical support is a large part of the user experience. No one has time in their busy day to figure out why their printer isn't doing what they want it to. Our competitors offer very limited warranties, and make you pay extra for phone calls, fixes, training and loaner printers. Those fees add up fast and we believe that free support should actually be free and it should encompass everything you need. No up-charges or hidden fees! If you want to hear more about our IDville Advantage check it out on our homepage.

  3. Shop smart

    You can shop our ID Maker Printers by single vs. dual sided printing. This will help you quickly weed out any printers that aren't for you. You can then filter by the number of cards you plan to print per year to narrow your search down to the best printer to fit your needs. We feel strongly that overloading you with printers is not in your best interest. That's why we have tested and found the best printers for every price point. You can purchase confidently knowing that any product we sell has passed our quality test. There are many more printers out there and we purposely do not sell them because we feel they do not meet our quality standards.

  4. Call

    If your are hesitant or have questions about anything, our system specialists are exactly what you need. Want to see a software demo, get a free sample mailed to you or get an expert's opinion on what they think is right for you? Call us today at 1.866.438.4553.


Printers print on blank PVC cards to produce your professional looking ID badges. Although you do receive a multi-year warranty and lifetime technical support, the printer alone does not come with the blank cards or ribbons needed to print the badges. The printer supplies, card design software, camera, backdrop are all sold separately so if you currently have those resources a printer is all you need. If you are implementing ID cards for the first time we highly recommend shopping our One-Box ID Card Systems. Our Systems come with everything you need to start implementing your identification solution in as little as 15 minutes. We package everything you need into one box so you don't have to worry about ordering all the pieces separately. There is also a price advantage opposed to ordering everything separately as well.


ID Maker Printers paired with our best-in-class ID Maker software have a wide range of printing and data capabilities. Thanks to our customer focused approach, we have innovated and implemented the following desired features as well as compatibility with most internal systems and much more. Interested in learning more? Browse our Knowledge Center or give one of our ID specialists a call at 1.866.438.4553.

Barcodes: Barcodes are a simple and cost effective method of storing data on cards. You can use this feature on any ID Card Printer paired with ID card software.

Magnetic Stripes: Magnetic Stripes are another common method for storing data on cards. One might use this over a barcode due to its ability to hold more data and usability with other systems. In order to use this feature your printer must have the magnetic stripe encoding module, PVC cards with the magnetic stripe and ID card software that can encode the data.

Smart Chips: Smart Chips are the most secure way to store data. This is often used for highly classified data as well as sheer volume of data. In order to utilize this feature you will need a smart card encoder module on your printer, software that can encode the cards, and blank smart cards.

Holographic Overlays: Holographic overlays are an available security feature making it impossible to counterfeit your IDs without the overlay template. To implement holographic overlays on your IDs, simply use a holographic template which can be purchased separately but also comes standard with some ID Maker Systems.

Lamination: Lamination is a cost effective way to increase the life of your IDs. Daily wear and tear can result in faded prints overtime and lamination is one solution.

The ways you can use ID cards are almost limitless so don't be tied down to one style of card or badge. Popular uses for ID card printers include photo ID badges, business cards, key tags, volunteer badges, visitor passes, time and attendance cards, loyalty and rewards programs, event badges, promotional cards, and more. Check out some samples!


Every ID Maker™ purchase comes with free & full lifetime technical support. That means you can call us anytime you have questions about your printer or ID Maker™ software. To reach our expert technical support team, just call us at 1.866.438.4553 or send an email to You can also visit our tech support page to find electronic copies of your printer manual, up-to-date driver and firmware downloads and troubleshooting guide.

If there are any mechanical issues with your printer and it’s still under warranty, we’ll send you a loaner printer of the same model or better while we repair your machine. We want to make sure that you don’t lose any time printing ID badges. Others will make you pay up to $300 for a loaner printer. That's crazy. So we don't.

Our ID Specialists and professional technical support staff are always happy to take your call and to make sure you are completely satisfied with your ID Maker™ investment.

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