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Available ID Card Features

Barcode These are used to encode data such as numbers or a line of text. Barcodes can store up to 100 characters, which makes these good for URLs and ID numbers.
Magnetic Stripe Mag stripes can encode up to 926 bits of data. Commonly used for holding employee numbers, purchase history, and more, this data can be collected, or read, by any mag stripe reader.
Holographic overlay This is a common security feature due to the ability to customize and protect your cards from forgery. The overlay is visible when viewed at the right angle.
Proximity Card Prox cards are an industry favorite for securing your office and restricting access to only those with a custom encoded card. IDville On Demand allows you to use your existing prox cards or you can order more through us.
Smart Card Smart chip cards offer the most security and the most data storage. The data can only be read by the chip operating system. Because of this, smart cards are typically used in environments requiring high security like; computer security systems, healthcare, electronic cash, wireless communications, mass transit, government identification, and banking.

Professional ID Card Templates

Vertical Red and White Sample ID Badge Template
Vertical Blue and White Sample ID Badge Template
Horizontal Blue and White Sample ID Badge Template
Horizontal Fire Fighter Sample ID Badge Template

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