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Visitor Pass Standard Login Book

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Product Description

  • IDENTIFY YOUR GUESTS: This Visitor Pass guest login registry book is perfect for visually identifying visitors and guests in business and casual settings.
  • CARBON COPY: Features a hidden carbon copy backing sheet for easy record-keeping and discreet visitor login.
  • SELF EXPIRING NAME BADGES: This visitor login book features 200 self-expiring visitor name tag stickers. Self-expiring feature is activated by body heat and a VOID symbol is displayed no more than 24 hours after the name tag is placed on the guest.
  • Badge provides lines for visitor name, date and destination. Underneath each adhesive peel off name badge are a few more fields for record keeping: initials, company, time in and time out.
  • Login Book Dimensions: 8 1/2" W x 11" H
  • No minimum order required.

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Visitor Pass Standard Login Book

Make visitor check-in simple and secure with this Visitor Pass Standard Login Book. It includes 200 self-expiring badges and features a hidden carbon copy backing sheet for a tamper-proof way to track each visitor who walks through your doors. The self-expiring badges are activated by heat and show a red VOID label on the right side of the badge after it has been stuck to an individual. That way they cannot reuse their visitor badge to get back into your facility.