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ID Maker Primacy Infinity 2-Sided ID Card Printer System

SKU#: 14231

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Product Description

  • Prints full-color 300 x 600 dpi double-sided ID cards up to 280 cards per hour.
  • LCD touchscreen puts ribbon, card, and cleaning functions at your fingertips.
  • System includes: ID card printer, ID Maker® Pro 3.0 software, 1080p HD web camera, white photo backdrop, 200 blank PVC plastic cards, 200-print YMCKO printer ribbon, and a printer cleaning kit.
  • ID Maker Pro Software includes standard design and encoding capabilities and makes creating your card easier than ever. No monthly subscription cost, one-time purchase only.
  • Security Features: UV overlays enhance the safety of your cards.
  • FREE and FULL lifetime technical support and training are included.

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ID Maker Primacy Infinity 2-Sided ID Card Printer System

With the ID Maker® Primacy Infinity 2-Sided System, you get everything you could need from a direct-to-card printer: reliability, high print capacity, quality print colors and data encoding. Ideal for medium sized organizations, this reliable workhorse of an ID card system gives you all the tools you need to design and print your perfect IDs—including the industry’s most user-friendly card creation software, ID Maker® 3.0. The LCD touchscreen unlocks helpful features like step-by-step cleaning instructions, troubleshooting and a faster print interface. One more unique feature of this printer system is its ability to print over existing cards. Paired with re-writable cards, the Primacy Infinity can essentially delete what is there and print a brand new card.

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