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Modern Metal Finish ½” Lanyards

Reference: 46301MA
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Color: Black

Only purchased in multiples of 25

Product Description

  • Modern Flat woven, textured polyester construction
  • 1/2” thick and 36” total length
  • Smooth and comfortable on the back of the neck
  • Two modern color options with match lanyard and brushed metal attachment
  • Priced per lanyard, sold in increments of 25
  • Looking for the matching badge holder? Search 46302

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Modern Metal Finish ½” Lanyards

These modern metallic lanyards are a clean and secure take the traditional lanyard. The polyester material sits comfortably on your neck while allowing the lanyard to possess the metallic looking shine. The aluminum alloy finish along the bottom attachment is the cool finishing touch that this lanyard needs to bring you and your office supplies in line with the modern-day workforce. Looking for the matching badge holder? Search 46302